Timing Is Everything Series Box Set: Moving Forward; No Going Back; In The End

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Peter Kim via Getty Images. Theodore Schleifer at Recode reported a rare deep dive into the internal intrigue at a prominent VC firm, in this case Mithril Capital. From the article:.

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The late-stage investment firm has been a slow-burning mess for the past several months, angering current and former employees, limited partners, and, crucially, [Peter] Thiel himself, sources say. The whole point of delegating investment decisions to a GP is to empower them to organize their firm to win deals and get stuff done. Burn the management fee in a fireplace if it makes the deals happen. Pro tip: take on the mantle of book editor for a major tech publication, and the publishers will mail you books for free. We get at least a dozen at the TC offices every week, which is why we write about books so often around here these days.

The wider story here though appears to be one of a firm completely strategically adrift. Mithril is struggling to compete against ferocious competition in the growth-stage equity market. The best deals are obvious to dozens of firms, and the ones that are less obvious have huge risks attached to them that make it hard to write the big checks required. Mithril is hardly the only VC firm that is strategically adrift. Every time I go back to SF, this seems to be the norm these days among venture capitalists.

There is a huge amount of money sloshing around, and very few deals that are in that sweet spot between obvious and highly risky. Startups either get three dozen term sheets or none at all, since every firm is walking around with the same frameworks and metrics in their head. So they do everything, all the time, which really means they do nothing. And so we get book ordering problems and expensive lunches and weirdly angry LPs.

What a boring mess. Carl Larson Photography via Getty Images.

No Going Back

One interesting note in the report is an observed slowdown in early-stage venture investing. The report highlighted that while growth-stage investments in California were hitting record highs, total deal count and seed investing — both in terms of total seed dollars and seed deal count — were at their lowest points since The data points in LA, Southern California and the rest of the state seem to follow the trend of declining seed rounds seen in the rest of the country.

Your own CRM. Look at which emails generate the best response rates. Use this to plan the timing around your follow-up process. This article will show you all the email templates and samples you need for each of the scenarios above. But there are several problems you need to prevent if you want to avoid the common cracks that your leads can slip through. Out of all the follow-up mistakes that salespeople make, here are the five that tend to catch sales teams out:. Analyze your existing sales process. Look out for any of the following.

Create a plan to fix them and roll them out, making sure you train your salespeople where necessary. Your prospects are most likely busy and human nature dictates that anyone opening an email and spotting a wall of text is going to close it almost immediately. In most cases however, they will never look at it again.

Get to the point and either attach or link to any large pieces of info you need to send. Of course, these are only a starting point.

See a Problem?

These customizable follow up email templates will help you boost your chances of breaking through to your busiest prospects. Fear not! Follow-Up Emails: How, Who and When One of the greatest lessons every salesperson needs to learn is that customers will buy when they are ready to buy. There are three rules you simply must adhere to when it comes to following up these leads: Patience will be rewarded.

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You need to play the long game and follow-up consistently over a long period of time. Make sure sales and marketing are aligned and have clear roles in follow-up. You need a system.

Teamwork Closes More Deals Whose job is warming up the leads? It is important that you send relevant, valuable information to every prospect regularly, relentlessly and frequently. Make communication with prospects efficient. If you have a huge list of prospects one-on-one contact simply becomes impractical and costly, hence our templated approach.

Track and log. A system like Pipedrive ensures that every touch is logged and that the various follow-ups are correctly scheduled and executed. Have your materials prepared. Your team needs an arsenal of specific, useful and interesting information you can use to craft your follow-up messaging. Never nag. When It Comes to Follow Up Emails, Timing is Everything It pays to remember, while your prospects are in your mind every day, the same does not apply in reverse. I await your response [Signature]. Please let me know how you would like to proceed from here.

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Hi [Name], I really enjoyed chatting with you earlier today and learning more about how you and [their company] I promised you some more info and here it is. When would suit you for a quick conversation? I look forward to hearing back from you. Is there a spot on your calendar I could claim to discuss how we can take this deal forward? Hi [Name], What a great show. Hi [Name] I just tried calling you but assume you are busy. I know how it goes. Hi [name] I sent you an email a few days ago about [company or product] and it was only afterwards that it struck me that I might be barking up the wrong tree.

My company offers [service or product] which I think would be a perfect fit for [company]. I look forward to your response [Signature]. Hi [Name] I sent you an email a while ago about [company name] and how I think we could be a great fit for you and [company]. I look forward to your response. Hi [Name], I know how busy you must be managing your team and helping them increase [job function].

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Can we book a call or a meeting? Thanks in advance [Signature].

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    Teamwork Closes More Deals