The Saviors Heart

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At constant odds with her darker instincts, Regina takes a serum to separate the Evil Queen into another body. After pulling out the Queen's heart, she crushes it, effectively killing a part of herself she no longer needs. However, the Queen later reforms from smoke to rip out the Dragon 's heart before banishing the healer into a mirror realm. Following a run-in with the Queen in Storybrooke, Regina casts a protection spell on Snow and David's hearts to prevent her darker half from hurting them.

Despite gaining Mr. Gold's help to finish Dr. Jekyll 's serum , Regina doesn't trust him with the serum vial, and instead tells him to use his magic on it from a distance.

Enchanted Hearts

Gold forces the situation into his favor by ripping out Jekyll's heart so Regina will forfeit the serum to him instead. Regina, not wanting Jekyll to be harmed, pours the serum on the Dark One's dagger, which Mr. Gold wants to use to kill Hyde with. After getting what he wants, Mr.

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Gold tosses the heart back to Regina on his way out. During the night, the Queen brings Snow to the woods, where she reaffirms her desire to have her stepdaughter's heart, and this time, she'll have David's heart as well since he possesses half of Snow's heart. Snow points out that this is not possible since Regina already cast a protection spell on both heart halves, however, the Queen gifts her a vial of Acheron water, stating that in time she and her husband will forfeit their hearts to her. To prevent the Queen from destroying the town with the water, Snow and David track down a sapling to defeat her, only for the Queen to snap the plant in half.

The couple then face the inevitable by asking Regina to remove the protection spell, which allows the Queen to rip out their hearts.

The Saviors heart

Rather than kill them, as she is tempted to do, the Queen instead casts a sleeping curse on the heart halves, before plunging them back into the couple's chests. Snow immediately falls asleep and is hidden away by the Queen in the woods, where David awakens her with true love's kiss. However, David falls asleep soon after, as the nature of the curse does not allow both him and Snow to be awake at the same time.

With the Dragon's heart, the Queen orders him to shift into his dragon form and kill Emma and Regina in the mirror world. She then presents Henry with the hammer of Hephaestus, which he can use to smash the Dragon's heart, if he wishes to save his family. As Henry's moms are in danger, he grapples with his difficult decision, until he chooses to smash the mirror that Emma and Regina are trapped in, rather than the heart.

I Feel My Savior’s Love

When the mirror heats up and cracks from the Dragon's fire breath, Henry grabs the Dragon's heart to preserve the man's life before rushing out of the way as the glass explodes. At Zelena's farmhouse, Mr. Gold magically constricts Zelena's throat to shut her up when she insults him, but he lets her go after he begins having chest pains. Zelena then reveals what she did to his heart during their New York run-in, which prevents him from hurting her without harming himself. Hoping to undo an aging spell on one of the nuns , Regina plans to sneak into Zelena's farmhouse to find some magic, but when she gets there, she witnesses the Queen trying to murder Zelena.

After pulling out her own heart, Regina uses it to stop the Queen, and then threatens her by squeezing it, which causes pain to both herself and the Queen. Regina continues holding the heart while interrogating the Queen about why she attacked Zelena. After Gideon has turned twenty-eight in the Dark Realm , he is persuaded by an old friend, Roderick , into helping him contact the Savior so she can aid them in defeating the Black Fairy. Instead, the Black Fairy dismantles their scheme by killing Roderick and seizing Gideon's heart to make him do her bidding without protest. In the Wish Realm , Regina disguises herself as the Evil Queen and kidnaps Emma's parents, Snow and David , to push her into becoming the Savior again and regaining her memories.

However, when Emma surrenders by forfeiting the key to the kingdom, Regina makes another attempt to prove this realm is completely fake by ripping out Snow and David's hearts before beginning to crush them. As Emma begs for mercy through tearful sobs, the royal couple react with agony at having their hearts squeezed, and when the hearts are pulverized to ash in Regina's hands, they die.

During a final battle against the Queen, Regina traps her and takes the opportunity to rip out her heart. She begins crushing it, but upon catching her own reflection in broken mirror shards, she is reminded of how much she hated herself as the Evil Queen.

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Choosing love over hate, Regina pulls out her own heart and allows equal amounts of light and dark into both her and the Queen's hearts. She then returns the Queen's heart to give her a chance to feel other emotions besides hate. Not wanting Emma to be alone when the final battle comes, both David and Snow persuade Regina into using her newest antidote on them to even with the possible risks.

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Regina and Zelena take out the couple's darkened hearts and place them into the antidote. After a moment, the hearts are taken out as the dark spots in them disappear. The sisters return the hearts to the couple, however, because of a fail-safe the Queen placed on the hearts, the curse grows stronger with the possibility that both David and Snow will be asleep forever.

Later, the heroes discover the presence of pixie flowers in Storybrooke, which may be David and Snow's shot at uncursing their hearts.

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  5. Gold, upon figuring out that the Black Fairy has Gideon's heart, vows to stop at nothing until he retrieves it from her. Once Gideon's magic is disabled by Mr. Gold, Belle attempts to ask him about where the Black Fairy hid his heart.

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    Gideon, however, is unable to tell her because the Black Fairy is presently squeezing his heart and making him feel pain to keep him from rebelling against her again. Gold takes Gideon to the dream world , where the Black Fairy cannot interfere, but even then, Gideon admits he doesn't know where his heart is hidden. Gold goes to kill the Black Fairy, he returns with a blackened heart as proof that it is hers, although he did not actually kill her.

    Instead, he agrees to forgive her for her actions in order to regain his son's heart and protect his family. However, the Black Fairy only gives Mr. Gold a heart which he believes to be Gideon's. To fulfill Fiona 's last command to him before she died, which he is forced to obey because she possessed his heart, Gideon attempts to kill Emma in the final battle.

    Gideon's parents, Mr. Gold and Belle , venture into the mines to locate their son's heart. After leaving Belle behind because of her ankle injury, Mr. Gold retrieves the heart from a cavern, where a manifestation of his darker persona, Rumplestiltskin , tries to persuade him not to stop Gideon from killing Emma, and with the death of the Savior , Mr. Gold's magic can rise to unprecedented levels.

    Gold ultimately refuses to give into the darkness again and then speaks into Gideon's heart to make his son stop attacking Emma, however, it does not work as the Black Fairy's spell is too powerful. Meanwhile, Gideon stabs Emma, causing a surge of her magic to make Gideon vanish. In the mines, Mr. Gold returns to Belle with the heart and tells her of his failure to save their son. He sets down the heart as he and his wife embrace when they suddenly hear a baby crying.

    Gideon, having been reverted to an infant, is given a second chance at life with his parents. The heart, which Mr.

    Gold placed down, is now gone, as Gideon's heart has been restored to his body. After joining the Resistance , Cinderella finds out her stepmother Lady Tremaine has moved Anastasia 's coffin into the manor. She sneaks in to confront Tremaine about her intentions and learns she wishes to revive Anastasia by sacrificing the heart of another person.

    Tremaine, having recently discovered Cinderella's acquaintance Henry has the heart of the truest believer, enchants Cinderella's hand with the ability to rip out a heart, warning her to do it or everyone in the Resistance will die. Unable to bring herself to hurt Henry, Cinderella tries to rip out the heart of Jeremiah , a valiant believer in the Resistance's cause, but Regina persuades her out of it.