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I put on a pair of boxers and headed to bed. I felt goosebumps all over my body so I shut my eyes and forced my self to sleep. I suddenly woke up because I felt a hand running up my body and I opened my eyes to see this ghostly figure of a young female. She was wet, her eyes were red bloodshot and she had a fish scent on her but she was pretty. I tried so hard to scream but there was no sound in my voice.

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Then all of a sudden there was a bang on the floor, my bed lamp fell down which made a big noise and I heard my neighbors from upstairs running down. The girl still stood there and her grin started getting bigger and bigger. She lifted her hand and scratched my face and disappeared running into the wall near the kitchen.

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At last, I took a deep breath and could feel the blood pumping through my veins. I went to open the door to the boys that came running. So to end this story, the girl would come every night to visit me and give me dreams about her. Right away go see a Catholic priest.

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Do you know the name of this girl, that you were told who drowned? For example you could have a movie day, you could do some baking, go to a museum, or even go jump in the puddles. Make sure to stay dry and warm this rainy season! Sarah J is a senior this year. She runs for the cross country and track and field team.

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Submit Search. The stories may initially seem unrelated to one another. However, there is a central moral lesson: Unhappiness is more about attitude than it is about circumstance. Though completed in , it resonates with modern readers. After all, eccentric people are still as interesting today as ever!

Mythic Tales: Magic for a Rainy Day

Kimberly Joki. What kind of books or stories do you turn to when the weather turns?

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