Legends of Rock & Roll - Paul McCartney (Before, During & After the Beatles)

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Start your research on the Web, but be sure to have an expert look at it, too. I've attached several photos for review. Rock and Roll memorabilia deserves a closer look. Here at Bergen Pickers we buy just about anything collectible and in demand! McCoy Vase. Frameworth is now the largest distributor of autographed NHL memorabilia in the world and one of the largest distributors of sports collectibles in North America.

Beatles Memorabilia: Photo Posted by viceman99 Their are four layers, the cardboard layer, the foil layer, the actual beatles picture layer and finally the heavier plastic layer.

Paul McCartney inducts Ringo Starr into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Appraisals also done on your Beatles collectibles. In recent years, reproductions and freshly minted collectibles have popped up on numerous online auction sites. Poster values, free appraisal evaluation pricing of original movie posters, movie posters , travel posters, World War I posters, World War II posters, advertising posters, skiing posters, vintage posters, advertising signs, political memorabilia, animation cels, science fiction movie posters Sports memorabilia appraisal shops will give you an idea of what is the worth of any card, ball, jersey, shoe or whatever item that involves sports.

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Specifically fan club items. We can help you sell your entire collection, lock, stock, and barrel, free of charge! We maintain a database of collectors and dealers who buy the kind of items you have for sale. I found myself in the unlikely position of being one of the last two bidders in a London auction for one of the most significant pieces of Beatle memorabilia ever sold. We will not be able to respond to any email requests for authentication, evaluation or appraisal.

Shop for-and learn about-Beatles Memorabilia. The Gallery owner has been buying and selling Memorabilia, Coins and Collectibles for over 20 years. Eastlake Settee Chair. Beatles Memorabilia.

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Beatles history: Drake University helped spread rumor of Paul McCartney's death

The set is in excellent condition and each Beatle comes with original instruments, tags and stands. Many of the expert dealers will offer free, informal appraisals for the public's collectibles," said Long Beach Expo President Cassi East. July 1, The toys were designed to bob on a car's dashboard.

Today, many of these items of clothing, tableware, school supplies, trading cards, and jewelry are highly collectible. Chubb's Antiques Roadshow is on the road taping for the next season of the popular televesion program for collecotrs. Looking to sell? Looking for a valuation? Submit your consignments for a free appraisal. The bottom line is that it only takes two people to set a true value: a seller and a buyer!

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Not sure what they are worth. About Julien's Auctions. I am horrible at guessing what the values will be! Browse your favorite brands affordable prices free shipping on many items. The FBI has estimated that anywhere between 70 and 90 percent of all autographed sports Appraisal I am a longtime autograph and memorabilia collector and have had tables at a few shows in the Chicago area. Shop for-and learn about-Kiss Memorabilia.

Searchable appraisal guide to current market values for Racing Memorabilia. There are just a handful of musical artists who have been able to survive for decades, which makes collecting Beatles memorabilia popular and desirable. Poster values, free appraisal evaluation pricing of original movie posters, movie posters , travel posters, World War I posters, World War II posters, advertising posters, skiing posters, vintage posters, advertising signs, political memorabilia, animation cels, science fiction movie posters Peace of mind from the leaders in autograph authentication.

WorthPoint offers all the tools necessary to find value and price your art, antiques and collectibles easily and quickly, including: Our WorthPoint App, available on your mobile device, allows you to value items on-the-go and locate local antique events your leading supplier of Music Memorabilia, Celebrity Autographs, and Sports Collectibles. Steiner Sports has a wide variety of Beatles collectibles including album artwork and more. It has been a very desirable destination for avid collectors of music memorabilia, music lovers, and art enthusiasts. Items that are currently being offered for sale include a variety of original posters for concerts notably Bill Graham and Family Dog productions in San Francisco , record Thank you for considering Lamplighter Appraisal Services for your personal property appraisal needs.

Buy signed Muhammad Ali boxing memorabilia and collectibles. If you have Your memorabilia will be valued based on the importance of the event, edition number, celebrity behind the autograph, and significance in the history of the game or sport. Do you own a rare or collectible music item, record, acetate, mother or test pressing? Do you have music memorabilia such as dolls, autographs, gum cards, promotional items and music concert posters? Are you thinking of selling your collection and want top dollar?

Sports Memorabilia Order by. Beatles Memorabilia Price Guide. Insurance companies require a detailed list of each item appraised by a knowledgeable third party source. Since that time, he has taken literally thousands of hours to study the intricacies contained within the signatures of the four members of The Beatles. It was the start of Beatlemania. Some can be worth much more. Call us today! Skip to Main Content.

Jeff Figler is one of the world's leading experts on, and appraisers of, collectibles. Immerse yourself in Beatles micro-detail. Collect at Curioshop. It has been a pretty shit year and I had quite a few drafts of posts but not one that was finished so I decided to update all the antiques and collectibles folks that might read my blog. If you'd like to get a Sports Memorabilia valuation from our online specialist, simply upload a photograph and tell us any other details you know about the item.

Professional research and validation with the most extensive autograph exemplar database in the world. Beatles collectibles, authentic autographs, records, memorabilia, lp albums, 45 singles, and more. Search our archive of To find out what we can pay for your collection, you may: 1 Call us at to discuss your collection with an appraiser, or Collectibles are basically anything that has value to someone and that people want to collect.

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KISS Memorabilia Fueled by a mix of stage theatrics, costuming, and hard rock music, the band KISS was one of the biggest acts of 70s rock, continuing over four decades and counting. Postcard like photo signed by all band members, 2 Christmas Fan club records, newletters. All hand signed autographed collectibles have been carefully authenticated and provide the collector with the confidence required.

See the or To get started with a free appraisal, please fill out this form with your contact information, a list of items you would like to sell, and at least one image per item. They currently hold the record for the most number one hit songs with If you email me a list of what you have, I will be more than happy to give you a good appraisal of what it is worth. But they are more than that - they can bring passion, entertainment, fun and satisfaction to our lives. They might take a little download time, but the view that you get will be well worth the wait.

Finding it hard to get locate a reputable appraiser in Calgary AB Canada. Our Free Price Guide is an easy-to-use tool that will help you determine the authenticity and value of your Beatles Memorabilia. Eventually the Beatles would go on to become the highest selling band of all time, with over million total album sales and rising. We offer a collection of quality original Beatles records and memorabilia, guaranteed original and authentic. BY Andrew LaSane. Free poster appraisals by rudy franchi, former Antiques Roadshow appraiser and movie poster expert. Whether you have an extensive collection or single item, we welcome your inquiry and look forward to assessing your material.

He has done more to preserve the integrity of this Set of four rare Beatles Applause dolls from The appraisals are a fair and accurate representation of the value of the items. People are often happily surprised to find their coins, stamps, jewelry, diamonds and other collectibles are worth much more than they ever thought.

We work to keep our clients' demands satisfied by offering a wide range of services to buyers and sellers of vintage poster art, including free informal appraisals and auction evaluations, expert advice on collecting, and recommendations on certification, restoration 21 Sep FREE APPRAISAL. It also includes the Certificate of Authenticity attached to the back. We appraise vintage art, collectibles, and antiques.

Get in touch for a no obligation quote for your Beatles signatures, posters, records etc. With iGuide, you buy smarter and sell smarter. Did anyone go to this space memorabilia appraisal in Florida recently? I'd be intrigued to see what kind of prices the experts are quoting for pieces. Discovering treasures in the attic or diamonds in the rough is an everyday occurrence at Coin Galleries of Oyster Bay. By exclusively representing legendary musicians and entertainment professionals directly, every auction event is unique, reflects the seller's legacy and chronicles their legendary career.