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Notorious for his hearty appetite, King Edward was in increasingly poor health during his later years — he suffered in particular from a chronic bronchial condition — and died from heart problems in May , at the age of Sign up to receive our newsletter! Already have an account with us? Sign in to manage your newsletter preferences.

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Sign up to our free newsletter to get the latest on Queen Victoria and more. From an early age, Alice was an exceptionally caring individual, always keen to help others less fortunate than herself. When the family stayed at Balmoral, their private home in the Scottish Highlands, she would sometimes visit the local cottagers, taking them food and clothing. Later, when her father, Prince Albert, was clearly dying, she spent much of her time looking after him and trying to make his last days comfortable.

After his death, she provided unstinting moral support to her grief-stricken mother. A thoughtful, ever-questioning personality, she became friends with the theologian David Friedrich Strauss. A combination of overwork and profound depression after the death of her young son Frederick — a haemophiliac who died of a brain haemorrhage at the age of two — left Alice world-weary and in poor health.

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In letters to close family and confidantes, Prince Albert occasionally remarked with regret that this second son would never inherit the crown, unless anything happened to his elder brother. Alfred was made Duke of Edinburgh in Having joined the navy at the age of 14 in , Alfred steadily rose through the ranks to become an admiral of the fleet. In , after the Greeks deposed their unpopular and childless king Otho, Alfred was overwhelmingly elected in a plebiscite to succeed him, but political considerations ruled out the possibility of a British prince accepting such a position.

At an official function in Sydney, Australia, he almost fell victim to an assassination plot. Although Alfred recovered quickly, he nonetheless curtailed his world trip and was sent back to England to recover. He resumed his travels in , visiting Australia again; Fiji; Japan; India and South America, returning to England nearly three years later.

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The first member of the royal family to take an interest in postage stamps, he laid the foundations for the Royal Philatelic Collection. He died from cancer in July , predeceasing his mother by six months. In she wed the impoverished German Prince Christian of Schleswig-Holstein, who was content to make his home in England with her under the ever-watchful eye of Queen Victoria. As a result, Helena was spared the sadness that her sister Alice had known of living in a small defeated German state.

She also helped to write a biography of Prince Albert, translating letters from German to English for the author Charles Grey, and published an English translation of The Memoirs of Wilhelmine, Margravine of Bayreuth , a distant relative. She was always lively — sometimes sharp-tongued and moody — and was a skilled artist who excelled at drawing, painting and sculpture. She was a fervent supporter of the arts and higher education, and was in some ways the most forward-looking of the family, supporting female equality in education and employment.

Determined to pursue an artistic career as much as her royal status would allow , Louise was the first member of the family to attend a public education institution — the National Art Training School. It was a childless marriage in which they spent much time apart — although they seemed to remain good friends.

Louise, like her sister Helena, remained busy throughout her life with charity work.

Lament for a Lost Lover by Philippa Carr

She died in at the age of Arthur, who later became Duke of Connaught and of Strathearn in , was a strong, healthy baby who had an even temper without the irritability or tantrums of some of his siblings, and was courageous without being reckless. As a child, Arthur said that he was going to be a soldier when he grew up — a dream that he fulfilled.

He joined the army at the age of 16 and went on to have a distinguished career that included military service in South Africa, Egypt and India. He eventually became inspector-general of the British forces and finally governor general of Canada. Throughout his life, as during childhood, Arthur rarely caused the queen any trouble or anxiety. He had a rare gift for getting on well with all members of the family, not least his nephew William, the last German Emperor, who often irritated the rest of his relations.

Lament For a Lost Lover

Even in old age Arthur continued to serve in a military capacity, although he had largely withdrawn from public life by the time of his 80th birthday. Outliving his wife Princess Louise Margaret of Prussia and two of their three children, he died in at the age of Leopold, created Duke of Albany in , was a clever, amusing child who learned to read quickly and adored music and the arts.

At first he suffered from weak digestion and was very thin; bruised easily and suffered greatly whenever he fell over. It was later discovered that he had haemophilia, a condition that prevents blood from clotting properly, which meant that any accident could for Leopold prove fatal.

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Because of his poor health, Leopold was prevented from following a service career. He was, however, allowed to study at Oxford University, later becoming a patron of the arts and literature and, for a while, unofficial secretary to his mother. Victoria always remained protective of Leopold, much to his irritation, and sometimes he openly defied her out of sheer devilry.

His mother reluctantly allowed him to spend a few days in Paris instead, and on arrival there he announced that he would stay for a full fortnight. Leopold surprised his mother by not only living to maturity but also marrying, his bride being Princess Helena of Waldeck-Pyrmont.

Sadly, Leopold never lived to see the birth of his son, as he died suddenly at the age of 30 after a fall and subsequent brain haemorrhage. She was inclined to be mildly impertinent — but with a charm that allowed her to get away with it without fear of scolding. At the age of five, Beatrice announced that she did not like weddings and would never be married herself but would instead stay with Victoria.

But soon after the wedding she found herself a widow. She returned to England with the new reign of Charles II, ready to devote the rest of her life to memories of the past. Only one person had the power to free Arabella from her chaste and wealthy prison. That was Carleton Eversleigh, Edwin's cousin. But was he doing this for Arabella's sake Reviews from Goodreads.

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