Fortuna: A Felix Taylor Adventure

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Available in stores. Felix Taylor once stopped a devastating plague, but now he must save his world from humankind itself. It''s been a year since Felix Taylor travelled back to ancient Rome and saved his world from a lethal plague. Again his knowledge of Latin seems useless now that life in the 23rd century has returned to normal. But is it really? A stranger has discovered the time machine and used it to project back into the past.

It becomes clear his purpose is to reverse Felix''s success, to bring back the plague and doom future generations to death. To make matters worse, this stranger is very close to Felix. With help from his friend Carolyn, Felix must return to the world of Julius Caesar, as well as a later era divided by religion, to stop the re-emergence of the plague. If he fails to do so, his world will turn to dust like ancient Rome.

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Felix Taylor - I'm Back (Prod. by Yondo)

ISBN - Look for similar items by category:. It is one year to the day that the plague struck home. Felix is riding on a transport en route to meet Carolyn and is reading about the period, to mark this anniversary — perhaps a text about Julius Caesar. He is also thinking how little has changed: the world is back to normal and people have forgotten their brush with death.

He talks to Stephen Gowan who mocks him for his interest in antiquity. The future is what matters. Felix has a lesson with his father, in their patio garden. Castorman speaks bitterly of modern times. Yes, there is no poverty, no famine, no disease, no war, but likewise there is no virtue, no emotion, no feeling. He suggests that the Romans were better off them themselves, that they were fuller human beings etc. There is a discussion with his mother about her impending assignment. The following day. Felix and Mentor chat.

They discuss the notion of a butterfly effect: if someone were injured or killed in the past, the effects of his death would be immediate on future populations. Felix asks Mentor of his opinion of the past.

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Mentor speaks of the memory on his hard-drive but otherwise like everyone else directs his attention to future circumstances. Castorman is embarking on another off-world project. She will be gone six months. Everyone is feeling down. As Felix and his father return to earth, again Mr.

Castorman speaks of the ugliness of modern times. Early morning the next day. Felix is awakened by a flashing light. The only possible cure is Lupus Ridens, or Laughing Wolf, a flower once common in ancient Rome but extinct for more than 2, years. Felix must project back to Roman times circa 71 B. But can he navigate through the dangers and challenges of the world of Spartacus, Pompey, and Cicero? And will he find the Laughing Wolf in time to save his family and everyone else from the Plague of Plagues?

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Continue the series. See more. Laughing Wolf. Book 1. Fortuna: A Felix Taylor Adventure. Book 2.

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Felix Taylor once stopped a devastating plague, but now he must save his world from humankind itself. Locksmith: A Felix Taylor Adventure. He is therefore flattered when world-renowned chemist Ernst K. Grumpel invites him to his office in New York City and offers him a lock-picking assignment. His confidence quickly turns to dismay, however, when he learns this job will take him to Yellow Swamp in northern Alberta, the scene of a disastrous chemical spill a year earlier.

Laughing Wolf

He is also horrified to discover that Grumpel is utterly ruthless and, through his chemical inventions, can alter the rules of nature at his will. How is Grumpel able to create such miraculous transformations?

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What secrets has he locked away and why has he taken pains to store them in Alberta? Despite the strange discoveries Lewis will make at every turn in his adventures, nothing will prepare him for the final encounter that awaits him in Yellow Swamp. More featuring time travel. The Queen at War. She's seeing people in old-fashioned clothes who have a worrying habit of disappearing. Then she receives a mysterious note, and is sent hurtling back through time!

In 19th-century London, Queen Victoria is on the throne and England is on the brink of war with Russia. For some reason, everyone's looking to Katie to save the day. But for a traveler in time, Katie's is fast running out. X Marks the Spot: Treasure Island. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Explore Now. Buy As Gift. Overview For the first time, the Felix Taylor Adventures are available as together in this two-book bundle.

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