Eternity Falls

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Desperate to assure their billions of clients that the Miracle Treatment really does work, company executives call in private investigator Rick Macey. Macey is a war veteran with very special abilities, and his own reasons for taking this case.

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What exactly is so wonderful about living forever? Who is really pulling the strings here? What do the religious clues at the crime scene mean? And who will be left standing…when eternity falls? Thoughts: Christian science fiction was, to me, quite the oxymoron. Christianity and science have not had the healthiest of relationships, so it stands to reason that faith-based science fiction would not exist.

However, Eternity Falls pleasantly proved me wrong. Unfortunately, the technology piece of the science fiction also became the most cumbersome in that it was quite difficult to follow at times. This is especially true for the action sequences, which quickly became too cerebral to be thoroughly enjoyed. Eternity has always been of interest to humanity. Eternity Falls feeds off of this desire to end death, making it sound like a dream come true.

Eternity Falls by Kirk Outerbridge

Yet, it also reveals the downside of eternity. What does one live for when one lives forever? This is where the faith discussions come into play. These were done in such a way as to find a nice balance between believers and non-believers, focusing on the idea of forgiveness versus vengeance. It still sends the message that only those that believe in God specifically will go to heaven, which I personally find disconcerting.

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Still, Mr. Overall, Eternity Falls is a decent stab at Christian science fiction. The science was plausible but not overly realistic while being the backdrop for the real weight of the novel, the exploration of faith in a technology-driven society. The characters are a bit one-sided, and while character development is minimal, it does not detract from the suspense and pure action of the story.

Eternity Falls

The language is simple and easy to follow, except for some of the technical jargon. The result is a pleasant action adventure that posits certain ideas about faith. Such was the city that bound time. For Time was what drove the gods hence from their mighty aether. Time, ravager and many clawed beast, gaping and vast gyre, wound its way across the sea of Chaos.

Time hounded the gods, in their multitudes, from hold to hold. Until in Astahan they trapped it. For the High Priest would not bow to time. Nor would the acolytes or adepts, the lesser priests or the stone workers. Here no change would pass. Here eternity would reign. And every rite was preformed then, along the river Yann. Ever moment remembered, and repeated ad infitium. Who can say how long after, for in Eternity a moment is a millennial? But in time, a ship came down the river Yann.

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And strange men came, from distant deserts and red clay cities. They came and landed. And one, one spoke with an acolyte by the harbor. Here we worship all the gods, that Time would otherwise ravage. With a clicking sound he turned to the acoylte again, who was still sweeping the port.

Is he paid tribute here? His broom hoveredv over the pile of dust, the same pile that had stood there since the dawn of creation. He paused and wondered at the question. Why, no. The question still stung in the acolytes brain, however, and like a tumor grew. Did time consume itself? Was time too preserved, destroyer consuming forever? Or was it dead? But if dead, why needed it more chains? And he asked another acolyte. And that one asked another, which delayed his construction and deconstruction of the vessels. And so the nightly procession saw and paused to admire the well constructed vessels, and so was delayed in observance of the rites of the god Timur.

And the delayed observance of one led to chastisement and delay for another. Until at long last, the seconds added up to minutes to hours of delay and failing ritual. And Oldowan rose late that day. And there was a great groaning noise in creation. The city seemed to sink a little.

For as Oldowan rose to speak the many names, he saw a great shape. A many toothed shape, with outstretched arms from a vast precipitous maw.

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And how the Gods of Olympus wept. Ares stares with pale skin, his spear clattering as his children Phobos and Deimos seize him. Hades, long neglected Hades, awaits time, sitting on his throne with his wife. He is no stranger to the dread passage,and fears not what is to come. Apollo sings a dirge as a great claw grasps his arms. Posideon rages, rages against the coming night, but before all of Astrabdh the great hound Time devours him whole. Zeus, mighty thundering Jove, hurls a multitude of his dreaded bolts, that power which would bow the cosmos.

And they barely scorch its mighty form.

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Odin and his kin have seen this day, but not this day.