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These first few tips focus on using different tweaks in your personal work schedule to provide some variety and maintain your focus. My eye doctor once told me that for every 20 minutes of staring at a computer screen, you should look away and focus on something across the room for 20 seconds. This gives your eyes a chance to reset. Give your body a break, and try to reset your thoughts. Set aside one afternoon a week for your social life. Friday afternoon works best for me. If you feel guilty about not working, think of it as a chance to network. Either way, be sure to spend this section of time with other people.

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Socialise and network. A 9-to-5 job requires getting up every morning, preparing for the day, leaving the house, and commuting to your workplace.

Don't You Quit - An Inspirational Poem

In other words, it requires going to work. You want to recreate the same rhythm at home. You may not actually need to leave your house in order to work, but try to stick with the schedule. These next few tips are little things you can do to trick yourself into staying focused! When procrastination sets in, sometimes a quick change of scenery is all you need.

Other freelancers I know have even gone so far as to hire office space outside the home, and rotate between the two to help stay on-task. This is arguably the most critical point on the whole list.

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  8. Not all of your work projects will be fun, but fight to make at least a couple of them fun. These might even be personal side projects, not particularly related to your main job. Or they might be in the same general field, but not your specific focus. Nearly every imaginable industry has an organising body of some kind.

    Find the local branch, and use it to keep tabs on industry-related events. Attend some seminars, network, and maybe even glean some new tips and tricks from industry insiders. View this as an opportunity for personal development.

    “Don't quit on a bad day”

    At least once a week, try to learn something new about your industry. For me, this might mean calling a new tool provider to demonstrate their gadgets.

    Whatever your industry, try to expand your horizons a little bit every week. These tips worked for me, hopefully, some of them will help you out as well. Connect with us. Share Tweet. Life is not a race We quit on ourselves because we feel like life is a race against time. Get back up again and keep trying with the newfound perspective from your past failures. Stop your brain from going into meltdown and try these few suggestions: — Every time you want to quit, repeat a metaphor that interrupts your brains pattern.

    The problem with quitting Quitting almost always leaves you with regret about what might have happened. Would your life be better if you quit? If you want to increase your productivity and learn some more valuable life hacks, then join my private mailing list on timdenning. You may like.

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    Edit profile. Pimp my cookie. Dont quit your day dream lettering motivational quote VitaminrRGB 3. Maybe we actually will. It happens every damn day…do you hear me? It does. The big break. The magical connection. The impossible dream come true. It happens often enough to make it a possibility worth reaching for. Worth dreaming about. Look them in the eyes a little more deeply. Go heart to heart and soul to soul in a way you could have never done if you stuffed your art down in a corner named irresponsible or impossible or unrealistic. And maybe, just maybe, that someone will be yourself.

    Your own worthy soul.

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