DNA and Cell Resonance

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Further research will reveal works, and how genetic information is physically trans- other important functions pertaining to introns. Hydrogen bonds hold together through Coulomb forces The electric field of the four bases electrically polarizing base pairs in a DNA strand. To gain access to this polarization, the hydrogen bonds must be DNA is wound into a double helix with a right-handed separated, requiring radial outward electric field lines or, as I rotation type A or B.


The two polynucleotide strands are of call it, a vortex field. Between the bases, hydrogen bonds are As the magnetic field vector is perpendicular to the electric formed; adenine always pairs with thymine and guanine vertical field, a resulting axial direction to the DNA strand is always pairs with cytosine Karp, These represent the a logical consequence. The motion of the vortex field in the code or character set of genetic information. When inactive the hy- up only a fraction of the total amount of DNA.

The stretches drogen bonds follow the field strength and neutralize the The abstract of this work was presented at the 2nd DNA World Congress in Dalian, China www. Valuable information can be observed by the tendency of the helix to form a coil with two turns of globular proteins called histones. This corresponds to two turns of a half-period.

Thus, the transition from one histone to the next always occurs in a wave node, corresponding to half of the wavelength. If a coil produces the positive half-wave, then the neighboring coil is responsible for the negative half-wave and vice versa. The alternating winding direction from one coil to the next con- FIG. The distribution of the electric field E and the firms the correctness of this assumption. For the nucleosome core particle, consisting of the coil body histones and the wrapped around DNA molecule, an average coil diameter of 10 nm is electric charges of the base pairs, the DNA behaves out- established Karp, This process re- explained by the relevant condensation degree of the mole- quires a higher electric field strength.

The magnetic scalar cule. An error analysis would help narrow down the possible wave Fig. Incidentally, this is the only type of wave in which the field Using published data and observations using X-ray vector of the electric field points radially outward as a pre- structure analysis, valuable information Lewin, , p. As a result, a modulation occurs, which is carried by the wave. In the second calculation method, the base pairs are simply counted.

Methods A nucleosome has base pairs bp and takes slightly The circularly polarized double helix less than 1. Magnetic forces are no reliable data for this. The high packing density within a formed between the field vortices and are responsible for the condensed chromatin makes it difficult to count the fibers emergence of wave nodes and also for the propagation of the Fig.

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In an open and uncondensed fiber, bp are wave. Because of the helical structure of the vortex field, the field The assent of the helix along its central axis is 0. They wind the screw forward, base pair Sinden, Multiplied by the number of base compared with a circularly polarized wave Fig. Propagation speed vDNA and wavelength lDNA in turn , on the one hand, and the diameter of the helix of 2 nm, determine the frequency of the DNA wave: on the other, as well as the path length of 3. Left-circularly polarized wave. Writing of the DNA code would not be possible.

Results To prevent this from happening, neutral resonators are Evaluation required on both sides, which are not encrypted and do not have to transport information. The values determined here are primarily for B-DNA. Popp speaks of biophotons and demonstrates On the one hand, this leads to a balanced energy state on using highly sensitive photomultiplier tubes that cells do both sides. Conversely, if the information was initially dif- emit measurable extremely weak UV light.

Heine ferent, the genetic code as a whole will also be pulled from has measured tunnel structures inside the basic substance of the sender to the receiver, which would have interfered with the extracellular matrix and his results correlate with the the build up of a resonance.

DNA and cell resonance: magnetic waves enable cell communication.

Because of the resonance of the above-calculated wavelength. Popp has moved sides. The latter view is probably closer to Metabolism controlled by the genes is only possible if both reality and is in the nature of the magnetic scalar wave. From a technical Longitudinal waves know no fixed propagation speed and view, a scalar wave is actually capable to do just that, be- consequently no fixed frequency.

To characterize them we cause in contrast to the electromagnetic wave it also trans- must also incorporate their wavelength. This wavelength does ports energy in addition to the information. The propagation speed depends on the supplied with sufficient energy to not only advance through properties of the medium that carries the longitudinal wave. So where lies the motor pushing the DNA wave?

In this way, they draw energy Scalar waves propagating in the direction of the magnetic and information from other cells and from the environment. Such field lators occurs.

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In physics and To construct such a motor, a ring structure with enclosed, engineering, the phenomenon of resonance is known in the freely movable, and nonlocalized electrons is required. The art of vibratory systems. If we excite such a system and label most prominent chemical structure possessing these prop- it as a transmitter, then a different system acting as a recip- erties is the benzene ring Adrian et al.

Magnetic i the same frequency, fields in a nuclear spin resonance spectrometer induce ring ii the opposite algebraic sign or the reversed phasing, and currents.

One of these nitrogen atoms forms the vibration system, the receiver and transmitter stations are no hydrogen bond to its partner on the other side of the helix longer distinguishable, as both are free to change their places Fig. At the end, energy and information are balanced These pyrimidine building blocks of nucleic acid consist of Meyl, Because of the correlation from physical laws. During the oscillation between two cells, of the vertical magnetic field vector emanating from the ring there is an attraction in the form of magnetic or electric in- and the magnetic field propagating as the DNA wave, an teraction.

This partially answers the question as to what force interaction is the likely consequence. The magnetic scalar drives the DNA wave, provided that the three resonance wave is thus either drawn or pushed through the DNA conditions are satisfied.

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Further, measurements with 6 C-atoms of the total DNA molecule show maximum absorption at nm. Obviously, a resonance is present. E t electric field strength by movement of the delocalised charge carriers Discussion Nuclear spin or magnetic resonance? As they are dielectric losses of with 4 C-atoms N electric fields, it becomes obvious that even low electrical E t and 2 N-atoms voltages or currents can be fatal to humans.

Ring systems driving organic chemistry. Magnetic fields are quite different. This does not destroy The DNA-wave generator the magnetic scalar waves in the body, but is an additional, If the carbon-containing ring structures play an important and perhaps even desirable, energy input from the outside.

Then, a high-frequency alternating field is superimposed and The physical process can be described as follows: If elec- the resulting emanating response to the magnetic scalar trons move inside the ring in one direction, a magnetic field waves is measured, allowing the creation of the three-di- perpendicular to the ring plane is created, and if the direction mensional image of the body. Radiologists who impacts a ring perpendicular to its plane, then it acts as a credit the charged and turning core particles responsible for generator to put the electrons in motion.

“Way out there” paper claiming to merge physics and biology retracted – Retraction Watch

If no external force the resulting measured voltage induced in the coils as means is present, the electrons will remain in its direction. The ring thus assumes the duties of the energy source, the MRI scanners are only capable of imaging organic com- energy sink, and the storage of field energy. These are pre- pounds but not inorganic matter. Utilization in biology It did not escape my attention that the ring plane of the bases of a DNA helix are approximately at right angles to the At a close look at the DNA wave shows a mixture of wave longitudinal axis of the molecule and are stacked on top of and radiation.

Nonfluorescent acceptors such as dabcyl and QSY dyes Molecular Probes nonfluorescent quenchers and photosensitizers—Table 1. FRET efficiencies from several donor dyes to the QSY 7 quencher in molecular beacon hybridization probes have been calculated. Probes incorporating fluorescent donor—nonfluorescent acceptor combinations have been developed primarily for detecting proteolysis Figure 2 and nucleic acid hybridization.

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The absorption spectrum of the acceptor must overlap the fluorescence emission spectrum of the donor Figure 1. Donor and acceptor transition dipole orientations must be approximately parallel. Table 1. Figure 2. Principle of the fluorogenic response to protease cleavage exhibited by HIV protease substrate 1 H Quenching of the EDANS fluorophore F by distance-dependent resonance energy transfer to the dabcyl quencher Q is eliminated upon cleavage of the intervening peptide linker.