Dissent (Discern Saga Book 4)

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Dissent in the MSM on Edwards.

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Discern Saga by Samantha Shakespeare

Institutional Login. Log in to Wiley Online Library. Purchase Instant Access. View Preview. Learn more Check out. Abstract In , the Australian Senate disallowed two paragraphs of the accounting standard AASB Acquisition of Assets, an unprecedented action that sent shockwaves through the business community.

Volume 14 , Issue 34 November Pages Related Information. Close Figure Viewer. In hardly pages, Mr. Beam covers a lot of territory, though the overall lay of the land is sometimes hard to discern.

What accounts for the different responses to the book is a big topic in itself. In each instance, it is probably an amalgam of educational background with great books programs, professional experience with various great books publishing ventures, and inside knowledge of some aspects of the people and institutions touched on, as well as temperamental affinity with Mr.

I found it a pleasure to read and did so nonstop.

After all, when quarrels with Mr. However, I do have two strong reservations about the way in which Mr.

Letting Go of Narrative History: The Linearity of Time and the Art of Recounting the Past

Beam approaches his topic, and they are serious ones. It is a challenge to adopt a more sober assessment of Mr. The first reservation has to do with the almost complete discrepancy between the way in which Mr. After reading Mr. Few people, I think, after having read Mr.

They are far from being the cock-eyed products of some mutant, latter-day scholasticism arising from the Grey City in Hyde Park. At the very least, we should ask that an author provide in his own text a fair representation of the material he critiques. Having given at least this much to his readers, he should only then feel free to go ahead and hack away hopefully with well-honed logic at whatever strikes him as questionable.

The other reservation I have is about Mr. This is the issue of the inclusion of scientific works among fundamental books, and by extension, among any contemporary expansion of the collection of texts that we decide to consider great. Beam does interject numerous dissenting voices among the patriarchs of the great books movement about the inclusion of scientific texts, but in the end he does not seriously engage with the importance of the issue.

Full text issues

Instead, he seems to me to pander a bit to the aversion that many readers have to science and mathematics. This is regardless of the undeniable fact that the advance of scientific thinking has been one of the most characteristic and far-reaching aspects of the Western intellectual tradition and its world-wide influence — for better and for worse. In addition, if the reading and discussion of great books is not to devolve into a merely belles-lettres activity, no matter how inclusive of challenging contemporary literary authors, with only an occasional nod to philosophy, political science, and the other disciplines that constitute a liberal arts education, then certainly scientific works must be included as well.

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