A Wallet in the Sock: Lessons in Personal Finance from Me, My Dad, and Enron

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While modern technological advances have improved many aspects of daily living, the most significant achievements in our lives still require patience rather than quickfixes. Can we live in this modern age and still bear the burdens of living with short-term challenges to acquire long-term gains? We expect same-day delivery service, speed date through mobile apps, and receive news through tweets.

It should be no surprise that in our instant gratification society we see an alarming increase in stress-related disorders beginning with schoolchildren who are struggling with obesity, depression, anxiety, and other serious challenges. Will our younger generation be able to handle the years of patience it takes to truly build a successful career or business?

Will they have the discipline to limit their spending today in order to save for a comfortable retirement? So, what can you do to become a more patient person? We can begin by observing a day of rest each week. We can tune out the noise and slow everything down.

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I have dabbled in investing, more gambling with Forex and options with a couple of stocks not good ones just losers. If I wanted to start Sadie off with investing I would just basically sit her down and talk about buying companies and so many people look at investing as buying a stock as a piece of paper or a ticker symbol on their computer or their iPad or their phone.

I would start with that and learning more about how businesses make money and where their revenue comes from and just learning the ins and outs of the business. Then you could have a side hustle or a second job where all that money can go straight to your investments and it can really grow at a much-accelerated rate.

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Welcome to investing for beginners podcast. Andrew: yes so last week we talked about budgeting the next natural step is figuring out what to do once you have that extra money. And I do believe like for the majority of investors that having a passive strategy is the best way to go. Tonight Andrew and I are going to continue our series on personal finance.

Andrew: all right let me get some wild and crazy ideas out there cool. However, there is that key point that you need to be tracking something and measuring something and so I think Dave and I can throw out some ideas of how we feel about measuring the way that your money is flowing through your life. But if you really want to make progress and improve a just to be aware of how your money situations moving this time goes on and beat to hopefully see that progress and just by measuring it and tracking it has a bi-effect of making that situation better for yourself. I always thought the archives were like a valuable resource and we got stuff on their blogs and stuff like that too if you are dying for content.

We talked about the importance of building the business building assets. There was a tweet going around earlier this week where there was a study done that said I think it was seventy-five percent of Americans have less than four hundred dollars in a quote-unquote emergency fund.

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And I can tell you from firsthand experience working in the banking world for those years that is right on the money there is lots and lots of people that have nothing they have no money saved that would have paycheck-to-paycheck. My wife and I have been discussing about whether we should give her an allowance, whether she should earn it and kind of going back and forth on what we should do.

And so I thought that I should have her to help her learn the value of money that I should give her some air quote jobs to earn the money that we give her every week. And so what I thought of was kind of creating basically three buckets. All those things we came up with dollar amounts and why not so at the end every Sunday we look at the chart together and then we tally up her money and then we hand it over. And so instead of just giving her the money and just letting her kind of run wild with it and going to Walmart or Toys R Us who was going out of business sadly.

Whether we do any of those things and just let her go run rampant and basically blow all the money. And so the avenue that I started with to kind of work on this and again this is always going to be a work in progress was I came up with a bucket of three buckets that she should put her money in and encouraged her to try to help her with these ideas. This recently saved me a decent amount of money. There was a stock that I really liked because they were selling in a bargain I mean this stock would look great. I invested once a month in research during the time in between about two weeks before I would normally make a purchase I noticed the price kept going up and going up.

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I felt like I needed to buy in NOW or else I would lose potential gains it took all of my willpower to just hold off and wait until the month was up before buying in. Thank you for your time and hard work you put in your effort is truly helping others towards achieving financial freedom. Hi Andrew you talked about dollar cost averaging and its importance however how do you distribute across your portfolio all into a single position or spread out across multiple?

How much is too much to put into an individual stock I have five thousand dollars putting a thousand dollars into 5 stocks makes sense. However is there awaiting to placing more dollars into one position versus another? Can you invest too heavily or not enough into a single position while neglecting other positions? Several questions sort of saying the same thing, love to hear your thoughts. Andrew: okay yeah I could do that. They are ways to evaluate whether a business is good at creating cash with what they have.

Welcome to Investing for Beginners podcast episode 57, Andrew and I are going to take a stab at talking about some of our favorite books. Books are a fantastic way to learn and as Andrew and I are both self-taught investors we thought we would share some of the books that have helped shape our views and philosophies.

Outside of a couple of conversations, I have with the guy who really pushed me in the direction of investing kind of listening to him talk about some of the general principles of investing like dollar cost averaging was a big one that you really espouse in my head from the outset. Welcome to episode 56 of the Investing for Beginners podcast. Andrew: yeah sounds good and like my M.

Welcome to episode 55 of the Investing for Beginners podcast. Tonight Andrew and I are going to discuss some of the worst money advice you can get. And so obviously financial education is really important and part of that is learning whether a lot of the common misconceptions whether a lot of the kind of average pieces of advice that people give out to beginners and what how can we interpret it and kind of tackle this tackle it and really make it useful for us instead of hurtful.

Whereas somebody makes a hundred thousand could easily invest twenty percent of their income and have a very cushy life style outside of that. Andrew and I are going to talk about the maturation of different industries. Welcome to Investing for Beginners podcast this is episode 53, Andrew and I are going to take a stab at talking about negative earnings. We had some interesting event happened this week in Andrew and I were having a conversation prior to coming on here today and we wanted to talk a little bit about negative earnings.

Just to kind of give you a little of a bit of a backstory, so last week Andrew sent me a text message telling me that one of the companies that he and I both own had negative earnings on their 10k and this caught me completely by surprise. That was shocking and I had no idea that if that happened and I was a little bit like wow Oh crazy and I was it kind of caught me because it I felt like it came from out of out of the blue.

So might have to you know buck the trend but also have chances for quick gains. You know I still always buy stocks with dividends but that could be the case as well and that would be a regular position for me. And then obviously I have the dividend Fortresses which are companies that I look for that are growing their dividend looked to grow them for a very long time and obviously still trade the good price and a good safety when it comes to margin of safety with more emphasis on the safety.

Alright, folks well welcome to Investing for Beginners podcast. This is episode 52 Andrew and I are going to talk about balancing the art and science of intrinsic value.

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To decode industry jargon silence crippling confusion and help you overcome emotions by looking at the numbers. Welcome to Investing for Beginners for podcasts. Today we have another great interview for you today our guest is Alex from Wall Street Oasis. Resources for people who are looking to get into the financial world particularly when it comes to investment banking, venture capital, kind of that whole space. Alex thanks for coming on Alex: yeah thanks for having me Andrew happy to be here.

Andrew: can you talk about your background for a bit and your role over at Wall Street Oasis to give our listeners some context for our interview today. And so did the investment banking stuff for a while and then I actually left to go work for a digital media company.

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  • And those were cool jobs but I always wanted to do something more entrepreneurial, and so I thought Business School would be a good way to kind of bridge my two worlds the finance hardcore finance stuff and then kind of my passion and work in startups and for myself. Not get told what they do all day long I mean I like working hundred hour days like you do in hour weeks like you do in banking but I wanted to be doing those for myself. Welcome to Investing for Beginners podcast, Andrew and I are going to do a little blast from the past today.

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    You could tell that a lot of the basics were digested and it was just about finding exactly where you were comfortable and then actually getting that experience in the market. Shameless plug here at Stratosphereinvesting. Welcome to episode 49 of the Investing for Beginners podcast. Nick writes for him, and together they are starting a new podcast called the sure investing podcast. Andrew: To start off first off thank you, Nick, for coming on.

    Andrew: and one of my favorite articles you wrote it is called the better investment dividend stocks or growth stocks. Obviously, we thought with all the tech stocks today we saw biotech in previous years, and we see it with the crypto, and it has fallen off a bit. Have you done any research on dividend stocks versus growth stocks and maybe what were some of the simple findings you got from that and we can kind of take that more in depth from there.