A Tender Distance: Adventures Raising My Sons in Alaska

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That's so not cool. So we're turning to you. The good news is that the hard part is all done. We've already flown over glaciers on a helicopter ride donated for the project! What remains is paying for all of the post-production.

That's what you'll be paying for when you back this campaign. But if we don't reach our goal, we won't receive a single dollar of the money that's been pledged to this Kickstarter campaign.

Lucy Barnard's bid to walk 30,000km from Argentina to Alaska includes collecting poo for Harvard

So your support now is critical. Please, back this campaign now.

Moving to Alaska? What not to do.

Well, first and most importantly, you get the satisfaction of being one of the incredible people to tell Dick Griffith's story. And that's awesome. Okay, this is one of the coolest things we're offering. Thanks to our partnership with the PBS station in Alaska, Alaska Public Media, you'll become a member of this amazing station when you back this project.

AK Passport is available throughout the United States. The streaming link is awesome because you're going to be able to watch this documentary in the same quality we shot it in: 4K. Think about it: gorgeous glaciers and regal rivers in stunning resolution. Yes, you'll love it. Want to watch this documentary without fiddling around with all this newfangled streaming nonsense?

A Tender Distance: Adventures Raising My Sons in Alaska

We've got you covered. From Andy I'm going to say it because she's too modest to say it: Kaylene's book is awesome. I don't care how well you know Dick, you don't know half of how hardcore he is until you read her book. And you won't believe how many times he almost dies. Canyons and Ice autographed by the author and by our very favorite year-old adventurer, Dick Griffith. But we only have so much power to convince Dick to do anything, so there's a very low quantity of these available. Don't wait. You'll enjoy food, drinks and conversation with the director, the biographer and the adventurer.

It will be an evening to remember. Since , Andy has played the part of public television producer, writer, editor and camera operator for everything from documentaries to comedy, self-help, music concerts, promotional videos and news features. He even managed to win an Emmy award for co-producing a documentary about property tax law Kaylene Johnson-Sullivan is a long-time Alaskan who makes her home in Palmer.

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She has found adventure on Mt. Her award-winning articles have appeared in Alaska magazine, the Los Angeles Times, the Louisville Review and other publications. Jesse is a writer, director, and a general filmmaking utility player. He once ate a barbecued bat in Laos, fled machete-wielding guards in the Mayan ruins of Guatemala, and stayed at the Hotel Moustache in Niamey, Niger. All of the principal risks in this project have already been overcome. The filmmakers are more than qualified to bring this project to the finish line. Andy Trimlett, the director, has been producer for PBS programs for over a decade and Kaylene Johnson-Sullivan, the co-producer, has already published a captivating book about Dick Griffith's adventures.

“Like ice, Daddy, like ice”

All that truly remains is finding the funding to finish this documentary. That's where you come in. In order to complete this project, it is essential that we hit that fundraising goal by our deadline.

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Please, do your part now. Thank you so much. You'll receive our heartfelt thanks and a set of three images from the documentary you can use as wallpaper on your phone or computer. You'll receive the photos plus a membership with Alaska Public Media. Your membership will give you one year of access to AK Passport, which lets you stream your favorite PBS shows on your computer, phone, tablet or streaming player.

AK Passport is available throughout in the United States. She had with her a book by adventurer George Meegan titled The Longest Walk, which famously documented his million-step journey from the bottom of South America to the tip of Alaska. Several years, countless hours of planning and a road accident later, Ms Barnard has just quit her corporate job and is poised to leave for Ushuaia, a resort town in Argentina, in just a few weeks to start walking 30,km.

The journey will take the former Darwin-based communications adviser on back country routes along the Pan American Highway; from the southern tip of South America, through Central America and finally all the way to Barrow, a polar climate and most northernmost town in Alaska. Despite having never attempted a long-distance walk, Ms Barnard admits to being "Territory tough". That's when I started yearning to do this and not work in a traditional sense.

Ms Barnard has been "saving like mad" for the past few years to fund her walk, with additional sponsorship from an outdoors adventure brand and a global security company. Ms Barnard has also signed up as an "adventure scientist" with Harvard Medical School to collect samples of animals faeces along her journey. The poo samples will be carried around with Ms Barnard in her loaded backpack until she gets to post offices to mail them off. Ms Barnard will also be accompanied by a dog on her walk that she will pick up in South America, leading to her journey name of Tangles and Tail.

If successful, Ms Barnard could be one of the first women to complete the 30,kilometre odyssey, although she has competition from a group of American women who have already started walking. She takes off on Valentine's Day and hopes to walk up to 40 kilometres a day, arriving in Alaska in Topics: adventure , travel-and-tourism , women , human-interest , australia.

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