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Artevelde University College. Contact: ine. To purchase: contact Ine Hostyn. Bracke, G. Pedagogical, Reflective, Orgulous and Useable Documenting! These kinds of Hostyn I.

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Dutch, English, Finnish. Various contributors. Contact Nima Sharmahd: nima. De Schepper, B. Croatian, Czech, English, Hungarian, Slovenian.

Contact: sofie. To purchase: contact Sofie Vastmans. To promote child's holistic development and prepare children for the competences needed in the XXI century, Bambi Kindergarten Bucharest, Romania implemented a programme to stimulate child's initiative and entrepreneurial abilities and independent skills - autonomy age- appropriate in the Contact: cristiana. Health by the Book is not only a nutrition book, it is also an educational handbook for well-being and a healthy life style. The format of the handbook is a magazine Mihai, E.

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Contact: roxana. This research study from Bulgaria documents how healthcare, social, and education systems in the country organize and encourage early childhood development. The study aimed to: provide an overview of the legislative and political context in which sectors related to early childhood development are Various authors For Our Children Foundation. For Our Children Foundation.

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Bulgarian, English. Contact: v. The Guidelines for a Secure Family Environment are a tool directed at parents, professionals working directly with children and policy makers in the area of child protection. They document the main areas of parental care, which are required to make a child safe, secure and happy in the family Know How Centre. Contact: tatjana. All activities are divided in six teaching and learning areas Numbers; Math Operations; Measurement; Data Analysis; Word problems and Geometry as defined in the Contact Suzana Kirandziska: info stepbystep.

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  4. The Macedonian handbook Step by Step to Literacy- 50 activities for improving student literacy skills is composed of 50 activities divided in six teaching and learning areas Listening and talking; Reading and writing; Language; Literature; Verbal expression and creative writing and Media culture Djajkovska B.

    Handbook with activities for work with students with disabilities for improving their literacy and numeracy skills contains 20 activities for lower grades of the primary school. Two special educators from a special primary school in Macedonia made an adaptation of ten activities from each of the Davchevska, M.

    This program outline activities to be used with children within the national curriculum to improve their core competencies necessary to succeed in school and life. Various authors Balkan Sunflowers Kosova. Balkan Sunflowers Kosova. Albanian, English, Serbian. Contact: muhamet. School Mediation Training Manual.

    School Mediation Training Manual contains 20 training modules and can be used for teachers and school mediators with the aim to prevent dropouts, increase cooperation between educational stakeholders and parents involvement. Summer Program curriculums contain different educational activities to be implemented with the children ages 6 - Each curriculum has weeks of planned activities.

    Respect for Diversity and Peace Building Manual. The Learning for Well-being Magazine was created in by the Learning for Well-being Foundation and is published online twice a year. The articles are free to download. Each issue explores a theme of interest for all those who wish to expand their perspectives on creating and encouraging Published in onward. Gordon J. Learning for Well-being Foundation.

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    Contact: Yakarah learningforwellbeing. Compendium of Games and Activities for Children. Compendium of games and activities for children is the guide promoting the holistic approach to child development. It is covering five areas: the child in the world of nature, smells and sounds; the child in the world of manipulative games and maths; the child in the world of colors and lines; the Pedagogical Center of Montenegro.

    Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian. Contact: biljana. Contact Biljana Maslovaric for details. About Parents O Roditeljima. The book presents the psychology of parenthood. A Guidebook for parents and NGO representatives consist of two thematic units: psycho-motor and psycho-social development of children and youth and development of partnerships between family and educational institutions.


    It can be used to document professionals on-going changing understandings of different principles as they work together in learning communities to go deeper into the concepts presented Centre for Quality in Education Step by Step. Contact: korakzakorakom pei. Contact Jerneja Jager for details. The AFLATOT program for children who have not yet entered primary school typically 3 to 6yrs old aims at providing the building blocks of social and financial literacy, equipping children with the skills and competencies that will ensure they contribute to sustainable development — individually Various authors Aflatoun Child Savings International.

    Aflatoun Child Savings International. Contact: tetiana aflatoun.


    Professional Development Tool - A tool for gathering examples on ISSA quality principles is a tool used for identifying and documenting examples of good practice in teachers' practice peer observation, etc. Aflatoun Non Formal Education social and financial education. The Aflatoun Manual for Non Formal Education is developed for all children who happen to be learning in a non-formal environment. The partnership with Liliane Fonds has encouraged us to pay particular attention to issues of inclusivity and diversity, especially where disabled children are involved An estimated million children worldwide currently live in conflict-affected areas.

    Alfatoun's work starts with an acknowledgement that poverty and Arabic, English. Child Protection in the Early Years. The book Child Protection in the Early Years provides information on what is child abuse and the its causes.

    Handbook of Early Childhood Education

    It explores how to provide safe, nurturing environments for young children. It also explains the impact of trauma on young brains and explores how practice can be developed. It also The University of Northampton. Contact: eunice. Contact University of Northampton for details. The Slovenian National Guidelines for the inclusion of Roma children and their parents into preschool programs are aimed at kindergarten and municipalities as decision makers in the field of early childhood education. University based in-service training in early childhood education ECE is an in-service programme for early childhood educators accredited by Ilia State University.

    In this program educators of children three to six year are trained in evidence based contemporary ECE practice. Courses include Various authors Ilia State University. Ilia State University. Contact Ilia State University for details. Activity Book for Early Childhood Educators. Activity book for early childhood educators contains a body of activities for early childhood educators for planning for integrated teaching using a thematic approach.

    The main purpose of this book is to help professionals, and give hints and ideas to creatively plan activities for children from Dolidze, K. Ensuring quality in early years services is essential for young children's well-being and healthy development. Van Oudenhoven, R. Amharic, English. Contact: margaret icdi.

    Contact ICDI for details. Child Care Unit, City of Ghent. Contact: diko. Contact City of Ghent for details. The UPSI-5 is an easy to administer instrument to measure the psychosocial well-being of 5 year old children. The UPSI-5 consists of 29 questions which can be filled in by someone, for example a teacher or a social worker.

    The UPSI-5 provides an urgently needed counterpart to the strictly physical The overall objective of the Nest Center is to provide children from multi-problem Euwema, M. TOY for Inclusion Toolkit: A step-by-step guide to creating inclusive Early Childhood Education and Care ECEC Play Hubs for all generations provides all the necessary conceptual and practical information to enable trainers and practitioners from different sectors to set-up and run non-segregated Happy young learners: Psychosocial well-being of young children in Ethiopia report presents the findings and recommendations of a research and practice project about the psychosocial well-being of five year-old children.